General Remarks

(Last updated: 08/06/2022)

A General Remarks

A1 Basic Rules

A1.1 Parties

The parties to each betting contract are BES and the Player.

A1.2 Parties Not Authorised to Bet

Betting on behalf of other people from bookmakers or betting agents is prohibited. Betting in competitions in which the bettor is a participant (participating athletes, owners, trainers or officials from a participating club are deemed "participants") or bets placed on behalf of a participant are prohibited. Moreover, bets placed by participants, or on instructions from participants, in League or Cup events, and/or in competitions in which the club in question is participating, are not permitted. Any proven material breach of these rules will result in a refusal to pay out the winnings in question and/or cancellation of the bets in question and legal action.

A1.3 Unknown Result

The bettor declares that they do not know the result of the competition they are betting on.

A1.4 Ambiguous Bets

An ambiguous bet is a bet whose interpretation is unclear. Ambiguous bets are strictly prohibited and will be refused (in full or in part depending on the circumstances) and/or cancelled.

A1.5 Errors

Only the amount confirmed and recorded by BES will be deemed valid.

BES may terminate its contract with the Player, freeze the funds in question, or even confiscate them by court order and suspend their Account if the Player takes advantage of a bug or potential error on the Site to obtain undue or unlawful benefits. Any error identified by the Player on Our partypoker Platform must be reported to BES immediately through customer services.

A1.6 Organised Betting Ban

Players are obliged to register their bet requests personally. Fraudulent actions by Players acting in groups or in an organised manner will be cancelled by BES.

A1.7 Game Rigging

A rigged event is an event whose result is fixed in advance.

If BES suspects that an event has been rigged, BES will take the following steps:

  • cease offering any event or series of events in any of its markets, and
  • delay and/or retain payments associated with an event or series of events that took place in any of its markets, until such time as the event or series of events in question can be confirmed by the sports federation in question.
  • In addition, if the relevant sporting associations confirm that play was in fact rigged during an event or series of events, BES will suspend all bets placed on those events, whether an individual is found to have obtained insider information or knowledge, or if any other individual is suspected by BES of having acted in collaboration with such individuals.

    If fraud or game rigging is suspected, BES is authorised to forward Your data (including information about the bets involved in the suspicions) to the sporting associations, authorities or a third party responsible for investigating the suspicions.

    A2 Stakes

    A2.1 Stake Limits

    Every user shall determine their own stakes, with the exception of the restrictions imposed on maximum winnings based on calculation of the winnings and any potential stake limits.

    A2.2 Account Balance

    To successfully place a bet, the balance in the Account intended to cover the stakes must be sufficient before the bet acceptance deadline - see paragraph 2.3 below.

    A2.3 Total Coverage

    If the balance in the Account is not sufficient to cover the bet amount, and if the Player does not deposit the funds required to cover their bets into the Account on time, the bets placed will only be accepted by BES in the order they were received until the balance in the Account has been exhausted.

    A2.4 Partial Coverage

    If the stake for a bet is only partially covered by the balance in the Account, the bet will be deemed to have been placed with a stake matching the balance remaining in the Account.

    A3 Placing a Bet

    A3.1 Confirmation

    A bet is accepted when confirmed by BES. A bet is confirmed when it appears in the Player's Account in the "My Bets" section. Delays may occur in individual cases. In the event of a dispute regarding the date on which the bet was placed, only the date on which BES registered the bet will be authoritative. If, for any reason, the Player does not receive a confirmation message, the bet will still be confirmed if it shows in the "My Bets" section of the Player's Account.

    A3.2 Invalid/Void Bets

    If a bet is declared "invalid" or "void" (e.g. the competition the bet was for is cancelled), this will be handled by the BES system as "won" with odds of 1.00. For individual (single) bets, this means the Player will receive a refund for the sum equal to their stake. In the case of multiple bets, this means that the total odds will be adjusted accordingly and that the multiple bet will also be won if all of the other bets in it are won.

    A3.3 Late Bets

    In theory, bets are only accepted up to the competition's advertised start date and if a bet is accepted later, in error, it will be cancelled. If, for some reason, the bet is placed after the start of the competition, it will be invalid (this provision does not apply to live betting). The BES system will treat the bet as "won" using odds of 1.00. For live bets, those received by BES after the result of the bet in question has been determined will be invalid and will be treated by the BES system as "won" with odds of 1.00.

    A3.4 Deadline

    The deadline by which bets can be placed will always be determined by BES.

    A3.5 Bet Rejection

    BES reserves the right to refuse any bet if it has a legitimate reason to do so.

    A3.6 Accepted Bets

    With the exception of the cases referred to in this provision, bets placed and accepted on time may not be revoked or amended. For this reason, the Player will be solely responsible for ensuring that all details of their bets are correct.

    A3.7 Premature Result Information

    If, during the bet acceptance period, information is published that enables the determination of a result, the bet acceptance period will be redefined by BES and the bets registered after that new period will be cancelled. Bets will be deemed "won" with odds of 1.00.

    A3.8 Errors

    BES reserves the right in particular to correct obvious errors, even after the competition, by entering bet odds and/or evaluating bet results (e.g. errors regarding odds, teams, the competition). This correction will not affect bets placed before said correction however. BES will not accept any liability for the correction or the completeness or currency of any information services provided, for example, score and results messages sent by email or SMS. The stake will only be the amount confirmed and registered by BES.

    A4 Winnings Calculation

    A4.1 Calculation

    In bets with fixed odds, the winnings are calculated by multiplying the stake by the fixed odds.

    With live bets, the Player accepts any changes to odds during the betting process. Changes to odds means any change made to the odds between the time the prediction is added to the betting slip and the time it is accepted by BES. The current odds are then displayed in the bet confirmation. If the user does not receive confirmation of the bet, the bet will be valid if it is shown in the "My Bets" section of their Account.

    More information about the betting slip can be found in the "Live Betting" section.

    A4.2 Winnings Limits

    The maximum winnings amount permitted per bet is 250,000 euros. If the product of the odds exceeds the maximum permitted sum, You will not be able to place Your bet and You will be informed. However, if a technical problem allows You to place Your bet and You win, Your earnings will be limited to the maximum authorised winnings amount. If it emerges that a player has opened multiple Accounts and placed bets across those different Accounts in complete violation of this Contract, all of the fraudulently placed bets will be cancelled.

    A4.3 Different Winnings Limits

    BES reserves the right to set different winnings limits from those specified in paragraph A4.3.2 and/or to set specific winnings limits for individual players where it has a legitimate reason to do so under the terms and conditions permitted by current legislation.

    A4.4 Reduced Stake

    If a user places several bets of the same value (including a combination of single and multiple bets) with total winnings exceeding the winnings limit set out in A4.2 or A4.3, BES will reduce the stake as necessary to bring it in line with the winnings limit.

    A4.5 Loss Protection for Players

    BES encourages the Player to explore all the tools and measures available to BES to protect its Players from problematic gambling. Click here to view the Responsible Gambling Policy.

    A5 Live Video

    The live betting section puts You at the heart of the best sporting events thanks to its regular live video broadcasts. Click here to see the Terms of Use.

    B Bet Result

    B1 General Betting Rules

    B1.1 Specific Sports Rules (B2)

    These rules may vary for some sports and bets. For this reason, the bettor must always view the specific sporting rules for each discipline, available in the "Special Rules" section as these take precedence over the General Betting Rules.

    B1.2 All Bets Stand

    Unless otherwise stipulated in the exceptional cases below, in the bet offer or in the special rules for each discipline, the "All bets stand" principle will apply to all bets. This means that if the athlete (or team, or horse, etc.) on which the bet was placed forfeits and does not take part in the competition, regardless of the reason, the bet will be lost if the competition in question goes ahead. Bets will only be declared void in exceptional circumstances, including the following scenarios in particular:

    • The tournament/competition is cancelled.
    • The tournament/competition is declared void.
    • The venue is changed.
    • The competition/tournament is interrupted or postponed and does not restart 72 hours at the latest after the original start date.
    • Live betting: in live betting (see also Rule B1.8), if there is a "non-runner" (i.e. a participant who does not take part in the race), all the bets in that selection will be void.
    • Head-to-head (H2H) betting: if one or more participants withdraw before starting the competition/tournament.

    B1.3 Order of Teams on the Timetable

    In general, the order of the teams will be based on the official timetable for the respective competition. In exceptional cases, however, (e.g. when the home team stadium is no longer available and the match takes place at the opponent's stadium), the team officially away may be shown as the home team. The "All bets stand" rule will apply regardless.

    B1.4 Registered Bets

    All registered bets (in other words, bets where the result is already decided) will be valid and will be dealt with/paid out taking into account subsequent abandonment of the competition/tournament at any time.

    B1.5 Amendment (24-Hour Rule)

    All placed bets are final from first announcement of the results by the organiser of the sports competition. The results of any disciplinary measures taken by a sports tribunal or other judicial body will not be taken into consideration.

    B1.6 72-Hour Postponement Rule

    If a competition You have bet on is postponed or cancelled, or does not start at the time stated in the betting offer, for any reason whatsoever, and restarts 72 hours at the latest after the advertised start date, the bet will count for the restarted competition. If a competition You have bet on does not restart after 72 hours at the latest, the respective bets will be void.

    Exception: If a competition start date is not known when a bet is offered, said competition will be marked "Date to be confirmed". The correct start date for these competitions and Contracts will be entered as soon as it is known. The bets for such a competition will be valid even if the expected start date differs from the actual start date.

    B1.7 Multiple Bets

    B1.7.1 When Not All of the Players' Selections Participate

    If, in a multiple bet, the subject (i.e. athlete, team, etc.) of the bet does not participate in a competition (with the exception of the "All bets stand" principle (B1.2)), or if one of the selected competitions is cancelled, abandoned, removed or does not take place for some other reason, and if the respective competitions bet on are not held within 72 hours, those multiple bet selections will be void and the bets will be deemed "won" with odds of 1.00.

    B1.7.2 Related Bets

    The Player may not combine (reuse) bets related to the same competition. "Related" bets are two or more different bets that affect/have an influence on each other.

    For example: the Player cannot combine a bet on the LA Lakers to win the quarter-final match with a bet on the LA Lakers to win the NBA play-offs. Each bet has an impact on the other, making them related bets.

    Related bets do not necessary contain the same result or relate to the same action. If a multiple bet containing two or more related choices is accepted in error, BES will declare that bet invalid (see Rule A3.2 Invalid/Void Bets).

    B1.8 Ex-Aequo and Dead Heat Betting Rules

    An ex aequo occurs where multiple athletes or nations finish in the same position. Unless otherwise stipulated, the following rules regarding the winnings amount will apply when a competition finishes ex aequo or in a dead heat and where no bet has been placed on that result: the odds for the winning options (using European Decimal Odds) will be divided by the number of winning results then multiplied by the relevant original stake. This method of calculating winnings applies to all types of odds displayed (EU, UK, USA). Such cases are indicated in the "My Bets" section of Your Account by "d/h" (dead heat).

    Unless otherwise stipulated, this rule applies to all cases where two or more bet options are deemed winners.

    Example: a skiing event ends in an ex-aequo between athlete A (odds of 4.60) and athlete B (odds of 9.00). Users who bet 10 euros on athlete A will win 23 euros (odds x stake/number of correct predictions = 4.6 x 10 / 2). Users who bet 10 euros on athlete B will win 45 euros (9.00 x 10 / 2).

    B1.9 Live Bets

    B1.9.1 Explanation

    Live bets are expressly offered before and during a competition on the "Live Betting" Platform. The odds are continually adjusted to reflect the current progress of the event. To prevent a bet not being accepted due to changing odds, the Player can accept changes to odds with the "Accept any changes to odds" or "Accept higher odds" options when placing their bet. If the Player does not select one of the options above, the bet will not be placed automatically, and the Player will need to look at the changes to the odds on their betting slip just before placing their bet.

    More information about the betting slip can be found in the "Live Betting" section.

    B1.9.2 Results

    With live betting, all placed bets are final from first announcement of the results by the organiser of the sports competition. Future changes to the result (e.g. results decided by a jury after the event) will not affect the live bet placed. Unless otherwise stipulated, all bets on "non-runners" will be void in live betting.

    B1.9.3 General Rules

    The "General Betting Rules" (B1) will also apply to evaluation of the event in live betting. If the result of a bet is already fixed when the match is interrupted, the bets stand.

    B1.10 Running Time

    In all disciplines with a set running time, the result at the end of the normal running time (incl. any interruptions) will be authoritative. Extra time and penalties will not affect the outcome of a bet. Exceptions will be announced when they happen or will form part of the special rules for the specific discipline.

    BES in no way guarantees that the normal running time of a sporting event will be complied with and will correspond to the "standard" running time for the discipline in question (in friendly football matches, for example). Non-standard running times will be notified if information is available, and all bets will stand in all cases.

    B1.11 Disqualifications

    In the case of all bets on the final result of a competition/tournament, all bets placed will be final from announcement of the results by the organiser of the sporting event. A player/participant/team being disqualified for any reason whatsoever within the 24 hours following the end of the competition/tournament will not affect the bet result.

    B1.12 Bet Types

    B1.12.1 Fixed-Odds or Even-Money Bet

    If the result is "0", bets are settled as if the result was "Even".

    B1.12.2 Handicap/Progression

    The event must be completed. Otherwise, the bets are cancelled.

    B1.12.3 Total Bets (all bets with the "Over" and "Under" betting options)

    With total bets, if the competition is abandoned before the end of the match, all bets are cancelled unless the "Over" bet option has already been reached when the match is abandoned.

    For example, if a Player bets on "over 2.5 goals in the match" (bet object) and only two goals are scored at the time the match is abandoned, the bet will be cancelled. If three goals are scored at the time the match is abandoned, the bet will be won.

    B1.12.4 Head-to-Head (H2H) Bets

    • Single event: if one or more participants withdraw before the competition starts, all bets will be void. If a participant is disqualified or does not finish the competition for any reason, the bet will be deemed a losing bet. If all head-to-head participants are disqualified or do not finish the competition, all bets will be void. If two or more participants finish in the same position, the ex-aequo prize rule (B1.7) will apply.
    • Tournament: this rule applies to all tournaments played using the Knock-out or Round Robin system or a combination of the two. The winner will be the participant highest in the tournament rankings at the end. If there is no official final ranking, the last successfully completed level/match will be regarded as the final position. If two or more participants finish the tournament in the same position, or if their final level/match is the same, the ex-aequo prize rules will apply. If one or more participants withdraw before they have even started the tournament, all bets will be void.

    B1.12.5 Medal Betting

    All bets on the number of medals will be evaluated based on the official medals scoreboard at the end of the event (for example: Olympic Games, World Championships, etc.). Any changes made at a later date by a government body will not count for the bets placed.

    Team medals: all medals won by a team/nation in each competition will count as a single medal regardless of the number of members in the team.

    B1.12.6 Nominated Finalists

    Finalists are players or teams who take part in the final, regardless of how they got there (including decisions by relevant bodies).

    B1.12.7 Any Other/The Field

    If the "Any Other" or "The Field" option, or any similar offer, appears when placing a bet, this option includes all participants, with the exception of those named in the option in question, regardless of whether or not odds are available for those participants.

    B1.12.8 Enhanced Odds Specials

    For bets that refer to the results of more than one event, each event must start within 72 hours from the original scheduled start time for all bets to be valid.

    If at least one of the events in question does not start on time, ends without a winner being officially declared, all special enhanced odds bets will be declared void.

    This rule does not apply to bets placed as multiple bets.

    B1.12.9 Money-Back Specials

    The following rules apply to all bets offered in the "Money-Back Specials" section:

    • Maximum stake: users may bet up to 100 euros (or the equivalent amount in their Account currency) on each prediction unless otherwise indicated.
    • If the displayed condition is met, losing bet stakes will be refunded.
    • If bets are placed with a stake higher than the maximum permitted, only the maximum stake will be refunded.
    • Refunded losing bets will appear in the user's Account under "Cancelled".
    • Money-back bets can only be placed as single bets. If a money-back bet is placed as part of a combined bet, no refund will be given for that bet.

    B2 Special Rules

    See the Special Rules for the various disciplines here.